Double Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon

bilateral breast reconstruction with silicone implants and Alloderm

Procedure Details

This forty-five year-old woman from Silicone Beach was positive for the BRCA gene and decided to have prophylactic (preventative) bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction with implants. She had already undergone bilateral oophorectomy (removal of her ovaries). On the right she is three months after a two-stage reconstruction of her breasts with tissue expanders and Alloderm acellular dermis and silicone implants. The procedure can be done in one stage, but the patient preferred to have it done in two because she did not want to go down in size at all and sometimes with a one-stage procedure, you can't use as big of an implant as you would like because it could put too much tension on the skin. When the implants, which are Allergan 415 SSH round, high profile style were placed at the second procedure, fat grafting from the patient's abdomen and flanks was performed additionally. This helps thicken the mastectomy flaps, giving a softer, more natural appearance to the breasts, and can help conceal any rippling. However, this soft touch series of Allergan implants is also more cohesive than the originals, and are more form stable and ripple less. The patient was able to keep her breasts at the original full C to small D cup size that they were.


Saint John's Health Center

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